ryan and Melissa Michaud

"We moved to North Carolina from Connecticut in August of 2013 due to a job transfer for my husband. We began our home search shortly after moving into an apartment in Holly Springs, NC. After months of searching for a home we came across a development called Maple Grove just outside the city limits of Holly Springs and immediately fell in love with the neighborhood. Matt Norris of Prominent Construction was in the process of constructing our home and it had just been listed. We found our home when it was about 60% completed. Matt made arrangements to meet with us right away to discuss his plans for completing the home. He was very pleasant and understanding to our needs and changes right from the beginning. He allowed us to make some changes to the plans he had without any hesitation and was very easy to work with. As time progressed, Matt was very accommodating and gave us weekly updates on what was happening and when things were scheduled to be complete, keeping us on track for our closing date. Matt always answered his phone when I needed to contact him and was very easy to work with and when Matt could't be available his uncle, Dennis Norris was always available to answer any questions we had as well. Dennis has been wonderful to work with and had been assigned to oversee some of the construction of our home as well. We have been in our home for 1 month now and are very happy with how everything turned out. Matt and his team have been amazing to work with and I can't say enough about his honesty and genuine personality. He cares about his customers and wants you to be completely satisfied with his work. It has been a pleasure to work with Matt and his team and I tell others about how pleasant our experience has been.

james + tracey

"As a retired military couple that has bought and sold pre-owned homes in several locations to include multiple times in Fayetteville surrounding area. We finally decided to purchase a new home in the Woodshire area. We heard from friends, neighbors and other new home owners that purchasing a pre-sale home could and would be extremely stressful. After looking at several homes, we decided to use Craftsman Construction as our builder and we are extremely happy with our decision. Mr. and Mrs. Norris helped us through the stressful decision making process of choosing options for our home. They communicated constantly with us from ground breaking to closing (their staff has follow-upped with us even after closing). I would highly recommend Craftsman Construction as your builder. After retiring from the military, I had the pleasure to work for a restoration company and see several homes in the surrounding areas and view other builders work. I viewed first hand my untrained eye (before) to a trained (after) eye of the corner cutting and poor quality that some builders produce. This opportunity made me even more grateful that we chose (Craftsman Construction for our builder. Choose one of their homes and we truly believe that you will be impressed with the quality, added details and overall professionalism in their company. Danny, Joan and Matt turned what others portrayed as stressful and emotional draining experience into an easy streamline decision making process. This has truly been a blessed experience and I could not be happier.

William + Emily Mote

"We began looking for a home in 2010 and after many Saturdays and late evenings, we found the Asheford subdivision. The time we first saw our home it was merely a concrete pad and we actually watched the home being built from the ground up. We went by many times with our realtor and walked through the house to see what had been done to it that day. My wife loved the architectural design of the home, the maximization of space, attention to detail, and the quality of products used in our home. The solid construction and amenities far exceeded our expectations for the selling price. We purchased our home in May of 2010 and are still pleased with every aspect of it years later, there is nothing we would change. Matt Norris is an exceptional builder with an eye for the minute details that homeowners come to appreciate after living in one of his well constructed homes. We have never had any major issues with the home and the one minor issue was addressed so promptly and with the utmost professionalism. In our neighborhood there are several builders, but we can go through and pick out the ones that Matt has built just by the quality and care used in construction.The customer service continues after the purchase and warranty. Matt has become a friend of our family, and will stop in the neighborhood and speak if we are outside.This family of builders has the right approach to business. Treat everyone like family, and give them more than they expect to receive. We are proud to live in the best home in our neighborhood and proud to say that our builder was Matt Norris and his wonderful team."

Jerry + Brenda Evans

"Brenda and I closed on our new home, built by Danny Norris and his company on September 23, 2013. Before the actual construction started, we met with Danny and we found him to be very pleasant, straight forward and ethical. We liked what we heard so we decided to choose him as our builder. During the construction, we were in communication with Danny on several occasions. He was pleasant to work with and did exactly what he said he would do. We feel that our home is "top of the line", quality construction and excellent finished product. If we were building another home, we would definitely choose Danny Norris for our builder. We have no regrets and are very happy with our new home."

john + kathy

"In 2015, we decided to relocate to the Raleigh area and began to look at many different subdivisions.  We came across the Bloomfield Subdivision and fell in love with the neighborhood.  There were a few different builders in the subdivision and after touring the different houses we decided to go with Cumberland homes.  The house at the point we decided to put in an offer was still in the early stages of construction which meant that we would be able to pick out what we wanted for the house.  At first this was so exciting to me to be able to select the colors, carpet, hard wood, ceramic, lighting, appliances and the list goes on and on until I realized that I live over 500 miles away and how was I going to get this done.  Well let me tell you, how I got this done was a person named Shaneika who is the office coordinator.  She was amazing, sending me pictures of other houses they have built, pictures of selections they have in the office and we went room by room selecting everything that I wanted.  This meant many hours on the phone and it did get overwhelming at times because as you pick out one thing you are not thinking of something else that you had picked our previously.  There were a few times she would say to me “Are you sure this is what you want”, and then a little later I would get a picture of all the items together that I chose (paint, backsplash, counter-tops, flooring) and would be able to look at them together and say yes or no.  I appreciate the fact that she would give me her opinion and then let me make the final decision once I saw everything together. It was also nice to be able to make some changes that we wanted to the house.  We worked with Danny and Matt to get what we wanted rather than having to go back and change something at a later date.  When we ran into any issues with anything or saw something that needed fixed during the construction we would call and always get a prompt response.  The supervisor on the job was also very accommodating and always called us back and made sure we were satisfied with the work that was done. We are now anxiously waiting to move into our new house and enjoy all of the hard work that everyone put into making us a home.

Pearl + Dave Brown

"We are from CT and started looking for a home in NC after our daughter moved here 3 years ago.  We wanted to get away from the cold, snowy winters in the north and retire to milder winters.  Whenever we visited here, we would take rides to look at subdivisions around the Holly Springs/Fuquay area.  Nothing seemed to fit the ranch style home with plenty of storage that we were looking for in our price range. Our daughter’s home was a spec home built by Danny & Matt Norris of Norris Home Builders.  We gave Matt a call and found they were very willing to work with us. We first met with Danny & Matt in January of 2015 explaining that we would not be moving for about a year.  They were fine with that and helped us to pick out a lot in the Ballard Woods subdivision.   They listened carefully to what we were looking for and redesigned a home plan to fit our requests.  They continuously listened to our needs and were always available whenever we called with questions.  They were very professional and attentive to our needs. We started construction in March, 2016 and moved into our home in June, 2016.  Throughout the process, Shaneika helped us to pick out all the colors and finishes and would call to let us know what would be done each week so we never had to guess what would happen next.  Dennis Norris met with us during every step of the construction and worked with us to make our home exactly what we wanted.  The entire construction project went so smoothly and professionally, we could not have asked for better customer service.   I joked with them and told them to build our entire home was less stressful than getting the cable company to connect our service.  LOL. We would highly recommend Norris Home Builders and their team to anyone looking for a new home. Our thanks to the entire Norris team for a job well done!

The Woerner Family

"Cumberland Homes was AMAZING from start to finish. When we began this journey we were filled with every emotion. We heard the horror stories about building, and also the pros. We took a leap and happily went with Cumberland Homes, trusting their staff and what they stood for. As our home started, we were amazed by the staff and their efficiency to make sure all was right. Shaneika was beyond accommodating. You can truly tell she loves making others happy and making their dream home come to life. The contractors were wonderful as well... they all have the gift of visioning a home and making it happen! Every day we walk into our home in amazement. The quality, and the love that was put into our home shows. We definitely tell everyone about our home building experience, and it is nothing close to a nightmare. We are truly thankful and blessed that our paths crossed to Cumberland Homes. Thank you all who had a hand in our home SWEET home!!!

Warren Snyder + Karen Schneider

"Norris Home Builders, Danny and Matt Norris, their staff, Shaneika, and Dennis have just been awesome to work with throughout our whole home building process.  When we started looking in January 2016 for our new home in the Lillington, NC area, we were introduced to Danny Norris and our journey began with Cumberland Homes.  Danny found us a home design that met all our requirements and then he listened to what we wanted to customize and change in the home to fit our specific needs.  Danny and Matt redesigned the original house plan and Shaneika documented the changes and upgrades that we requested. Throughout the whole building process, Shaneika helped us to select the colors, finishes and upgrades that made the home just perfect for us. Shaneika called us each week to let us know what had been done and what would be done the following week so we never had to guess what was happening next during the building process.  Dennis met with us during every step of the construction and worked with us to make our home exactly what we wanted.  Danny’s staff Shaneika and Dennis were attentive to our needs and in answering all our questions.  The entire construction project went so smoothly and professionally that we could not have asked for better more personalized customer service.  We are very thankful to Danny, Shaneika, Dennis and Matt for making our dream home a reality!  We know that you too will be glad when you select Cumberland Homes as your next builder."

Susan + Jeffrey Balik

"Our journey for a new home began 3 years ago. Planning for retirement we knew weather, taxes and a builder who understood our wants and needs were most important to us. After seeing many new homes with various builders, Norris Building Group was by far the one we wanted building our new home. After assisting us in choosing a building site the fun began. My wife spent time with Shaneika and Matt Norris choosing colors, fixtures, stone type, and everything associated with building a new home. While we were still living in New Jersey , Shaneika was a constant source of communication giving us daily reports on progress and upcoming construction events.  Matt was more than accommodating when we requested a design change and even came up with a better suggestion than ours to give us our wants and needs.  One thing we noticed when we met with the cabinet maker, electrician, framers, painters and all craftsman involved in our building was the loyalty and true respect they had for Danny , Matt & Shaneika . Their high level of regard for many years of working together showed us the commitment Norris Building Group has towards their workers and customers. Our phone calls, e mails and text messages were always answered in a timely manner.  The finishes and building materials used were top quality and never did we feel any short cuts were taken.  We are proud and pleased to say Danny, Matt & Shaneika out performed our expectations.  Working with Norris Building Group from lot choice to final walk thru has been a wonderful experience, they have given us our retirement dream home.  Job well done!"

Tiffani + Jeremy Bollinger

"In 2015 we started planning to build our dream home on some land out in the country.  We had a lot of big ideas and wanted to make sure we had everything covered so our family could grow up in the home for years to come.  We talked to a few builders and immediately realized that Norris building company would be the company that would build our dream house.  Their experience, knowledge, and reputation for building a great house were all reasons for us choosing their company. It all began with a great house plan that we were able to   modify to our choosing, with their help and guidance, of course.  Throughout construction, we enjoyed watching each piece of the puzzle coming together.  The foundation and framing was perfect; the drywall and trim package were excellent; and the final package of the house was exactly what we were expecting in our dream house.  Norris building company exceeded our expectations, built a great house, and did it all for a reasonable price.  We greatly appreciate all of their hard work and dedication on building our home!"